Santa Fe, N.M., August 8, 2018 – Healexir, made with the time-honored homeopathic remedy arnica, is a post-procedure oral spray set to transform surgical recovery. When used with the free companion app, Healexir speeds healing from surgery because of its high potency and unique protocol. Healexir is now available exclusively through www.healexir.com.

The product brings innovation as a homeopathic liquid combined with a timer/reminder app. The 4 ounce oral spray, along with automated reminders, simplifies the user’s ability to speed recovery by precise guidance on how frequently to dose.

“Arnica needed a face-lift and Healexir reintroduces it through our modern and informed approach to post-surgical use,” says founder and board-certified homeopath Claire Dishman. “Arnica is the most recognizable and widely-used homeopathic remedy in use today because it is proven to be extraordinarily beneficial in speeding reduction of bruising and swelling.”

Though physicians have prescribed arnica for decades after surgery, specifics regarding the frequency of dosing and the potency have remained elusive. Arnica is clinically proven to reduce the bruising and swelling associated with surgery. Primarily recommended in the cosmetic and orthopedic fields, it is applicable to all surgeries.

Healexir is F.D.A. approved. A single bottle is all that is required for a complete recovery cycle.


Media contact: Claire Dishman, CCH

Title: founder

Healexir, LLC




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