How do I use Healexir?
Healexir is taken as an oral spray. Do not use it topically on your skin. 

What is Arnica?
Arnica montana is a plant that has been used for injuries and trauma both herbally and homeopathically. There are numerous studies on its efficacy in use after surgery. Its action specifically addresses bruising and swelling. It is both safe and non-toxic in its homeopathic form and can be taken with regular medication without interaction or side-effects.

What is a dose?
One dose is a single spray pump.

How often will I take a dose?
Healexir is taken frequently in the first two days then less frequently as you heal. The app will guide you with reminders at the appropriate intervals. You select the musical cue you would like to receive and once the program is activated it will guide you through dosing every day.

What is the app used for? Do I need it?
This app will remind you when to take a dose following your surgery. You may pause the timer for resting and sleeping. It is advised to keep the timer active and use the remedy frequently as recommended during the first four days for maximum benefit.

How do I use the Sleep Timer?
You may pause the notifications when you are resting or sleeping. This will temporarily pause the timer from sending you notifications. When the designated time has lapsed the timer will automatically resume. Both iOS and Android have Do Not Disturb functions which will also prevent the audio cues from disturbing you. Use the option that best fits your needs.

What if I forget to take Healexir?
Using the remedy frequently as recommended speeds the healing process. It also addresses pain that may be associated with surgery. If you forget to take the remedy for a long period of time, you may set the timer back one day.
The more you stay on the schedule, the more successful your recovery will be. 

In what types of surgeries is Healexir most effective?
Arnica montana is well documented for use in plastic and orthopedic surgeries, but it is applicable to all surgeries. The action of the homeopathic remedy works on the tissue and circulatory system. It aids in the recovery from bruising and swelling as well as addressing pain.

Can I use Healexir for other types of surgeries?
Yes. The action of the remedy is on the tissue and circulatory system. It aids in the recovery from bruising and swelling as well as addressing pain. The homeopathic remedy used in Healexir, Arnica montana, is well documented in plastic surgery as well as orthopedic surgery, but it is applicable to all surgeries.
Healexir does not replace any instructions your doctor may give you.

The recommended dosing schedule for Healexir is as follows:
Spray a single pump into mouth at these intervals:

  • Take every 15 minutes (while awake) for first 48 hours following procedure.
  • Take every hour (while awake) for the next 48 hours.
  • Take every 2 hours for the following 5 days.
  • Take 3 times a day for the next 5 days.