Healexir is a homeopathic product well-known for its use in cosmetic and orthopedic procedures. It has been clinically proven to expedite the bruising and swelling associated with surgical recovery.

Arnica montana is arguably the most recognizable homeopathic remedy is use today. It has been used for centuries as an herbal solution for physical injury where the bruising and swelling are the chief complaint. As a homeopathic preparation, the high-potency arnica in Healexir works on the deepest level of the system to accelerate the recovery from surgery. For many, the use of pain medication is not needed preventing further burdens on the recovering patient.  

Natural, Safe, Effective

Safe, natural and effective, the use of Healexir is not only the healthiest choice to promote healing, it is also the most environmentally sound.  Hundreds of thousands of homeopathic doses can be created from a single plant so impact on the planet is kept at an absolute minimum. Homeopathy is truly a green medicine.

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