Healexir is the New Arnica.

It speeds healing from surgical procedures including cosmetic and orthopedic.

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The Healexir App guides you through a precise dosing sequence so you receive the maximum benefits.

Natural, Effective, Safe

Healexir guides you through your post-surgical recovery, safely, easily, naturally.

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  • Natural

    Healexir is a homeopathic product well-known for its use in cosmetic and orthopedic procedures. It has been clinically proven to expedite the bruising and swelling associated with surgical recovery.

  • Effective

    The Healexir App guides you through the dosing process over a period of fourteen days. Taken frequently in the first few days after your procedure, you take the remedy only a few times a day towards the end of the cycle. This unique protocol maximizes the action of the Arnica and makes it easy to never miss a dose.

  • Safe

    Arnica montana is arguably the most recognizable homeopathic remedy in use today. It has been used for centuries as a solution for physical injury where bruising and swelling are the chief complaint. Healexir is made at an F.D.A. approved homeopathic pharmacy. 

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How do I use Healexir?

Healexir is taken as an oral spray. Do not use it topically on your skin.

What is Arnica?

Arnica montana is a plant that has been used for injuries and trauma both herbally and homeopathically. There are numerous studies on its efficacy in use after surgery. Its action specifically addresses bruising and swelling. It is both safe and non-toxic in its homeopathic form and can be taken with regular medication without interaction or side-effects.

How often will I take a dose?

Healexir is taken frequently in the first two days then less frequently as you heal. The app will guide you with reminders at the appropriate intervals. You select the musical cue you would like to receive and once the program is activated it will guide you through dosing every day.

What is the app used for? Do I need it?

This app will remind you when to take a dose following your surgery. You may pause the timer for resting and sleeping. It is advised to keep the timer active and use the remedy frequently as recommended during the first four days for maximum benefit.

Can I use Healexir for other types of surgeries?

Yes. The action of the remedy is on the tissue and circulatory system. It aids in the recovery from bruising and swelling as well as addressing pain. The homeopathic remedy used in Healexir, Arnica montana, is well documented in plastic surgery as well as orthopedic surgery, but it is applicable to all surgeries.

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